ASA Coated Synthetic Resin Tile

ASA Coated Synthetic Resin Tiles

Innova Roofings & Joinery offers ASA coated synthetic resin-based roofing tiles and accessories in multiple thickness range and attractive colours. The tile sheets are also popularly referred Spanish tile profile uPVC sheets. ASA Synthetic resin tiles are manufactured adapting co-extrusion technology, integrated as a three-layer product using Polyvinyl chloride resin, anti-oxidants, modifiers, super-weathering chemical ingredients and protected on sun-facing with Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) as an anti-UV agent. The ASA coated synthetic resin tiles are highly resistant to direct exposure to harshest weather conditions be it hot and humid tropical weather, corrosive wet-marine conditions or the freezing cold on the mountains, retaining its original properties of mechanical and physical strength. The ASA coating on the sun-facing side helps to retain the colour for a very long time. The ASA coated synthetic resin tiles have passed 12,000 hours of accelerated ageing tests with a test result of Delta E = 2.23, which means the colour of the sheet even under harshest weather condition will withstand for a minimum period of 20-years. The ASA coated synthetic resin tiles are both functional and decorative, offering pleasing aesthetics and adding value to the property.

Key Features Of ASA Coated Synthetic Resin Tiles

  • Material composition: The product is a blend of high-performance polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin in three-layers topped with Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA).
  • Function of ASA coating: The ASA coating has high-resistance to solar heat and the harmful UV rays. That is why ASA coating is used in spaceships and satellites. It helps in preserving the colour and increases the durability of the roofing tile sheet, ensuring cool and comfortable temperature inside the property.
  • Health-friendly:  The ASA coated synthetic resin tiles are manufactured from 100% original and environment friendly materials that can be re-cycled multiple times. The tile sheet does not contain asbestos or any harmful chemicals and does not discharge radioactive rays – making it an absolute safe roofing product.
  • Resistance to extreme temperature: The ASA coated synthetic resin tiles maintain their physical and mechanical properties in extreme weather conditions range of – 400 C to 800
  • Resistance to corrosive chemicals: The ASA coated synthetic resin tiles are 100% resistant to sea water and corrosive chemicals such as hydro-chloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, chromic acid, acetic acid and hydrofluoric acid. This makes it an ideal product to be used in harshest weather conditions.
  • Thermal and sound insulation:  The multilayer co-extrusion process manufactured ASA coated synthetic resin tiles are known for their distinctive advantage over traditional roofing products in terms of thermal and sound insulating properties. The heat conductivity of multi-layered ASA coted synthetic resin tiles are 1/3rdof clay tile, 1/5th of 10-mm thk concrete tile & 1/2000th of color coated metallic roofing sheets. The multi-layered section of the ASA coated synthetic resin tile also helps in greatly reducing the noise of rain pattering, wind and hail storms.
  • Strong resistance to impact strength: The ASA coated synthetic resin tiles have strong resistance to impact strength. The tile sheet can withstand 150 Kg of load when supported at a purlin distance of 750 mm (2’6”) c/c. The tiles did not deform or get damaged during the experimental trials of running a 3 MT truckload over the tiles.
  • Algae and fungus resistance: The ASA coated synthetic resin tile sheets are semi-glossy. The profile and top layer of the tile sheet is manufactured in such a way that it does not offer assistance to growth of algae and fungus. The self-cleaning mechanism inducted in to the profiling of the tile sheet helps in cleaning the accumulation of dust during rain or by a simple water wash.
  • Fire retardation: The ASA coated synthetic resin tiles are class -B fire-retardant and is not affected by acidic rain.
  • Physical damages by animals: The ASA coated synthetic resin tile sheets are strong enough to resist damages by monkeys.

ASA Coated Synthetic Resin Tiles

Technical Parameters

Innova Roofings & Joinery offers ASA coated synthetic tiles in the following technical parameters.

  • Length: 2410 mm, 3070 mm & 3730 mm
  • Sheet width: 1050 mm
  • Effective width: 950 mm
  • Pitch: 160 mm
  • Crest height: 30 mm
  • Thickness: 2.50
  • Colour range: Brick Red, Dark Green & Grey

Roofing Accessories

Innova Roofings & Joinery offers a complete range of roofing flashings and trims required for optimum watertightness of the ASA coated synthetic resin tile roof. The accessories also enhance the architectural beauty of the installed roof. The accessories are available in same thickness, colour and made from exactly the same material the tile sheets are produced from. Some of the key accessories are:

  • Main ridge
  • Main ridge cap
  • Side / Diagonal ridge
  • Side ridge cap
  • 3-way ridge (For hip roof)
  • 4-way ridge (for pyramid roof)
  • V-Ridge (suitable for steep slopes)
  • Fascia board (Eaves flashing)
  • Wall flashing board
  • Valley (inside corner deflector)
  • Clear synthetic resin tile
  • Waterproof cap (fixer set) for screws
  • Galvanized screws

Typical installations

The ASA coated synthetic resin tiles is an alternate roofing product to slate, terracotta, bituminous and metallic roofing tiles. Some of the most popular places where the property owners have been using this unique and attractive tiles are:

  • Sunshades and canopies
  • Portico & courtyard
  • Primary roofing for homes
  • Secondary roofing on terrace
  • Roofing for villas & beach houses
  • Roofing on Penthouse & Yoga shed
  • Roofing for Farmhouse
  • Roofing for Spa & Wellness centres
  • Roofing for Hotels & Resorts
  • Roofing for Theme parks & Food courts
  • Roofing for Parking structures
  • Roofing for kids play area
Resin Tiles
  • Roofing on wooden houses
  • Roofing for eco-housing
  • Roofing Pyramids & Gazebos
  • Roofing for boat houses
  • Sporting arena roofs
  • Roofing for Observatories
  • Roofing at site offices and executive cottages
  • Roofing for religious buildings
  • Roofing for commercial & public-access buildings
  • Roof covering over Staircase & Foot Over Bridge (FOB)
  • Roofing renovations
  • Animal shelters
  • Cladding for compound walls