Retractable Roofing Systems

Retractable Roofing Systems

Innova Roofings & Joinery offers conceptual design, supply and installation services for world class retractable roofing systems from the house of Alukov and distributed via the IPC Team network. The retractable roofing systems are factory produced in a combination of premium quality Aluminium panels and a wide range of premium quality polycarbonate sheets in aesthetically pleasing frames that add grandeur and unmatched value to the property. There are many shape and colour combinations to choose from in all of these materials and the myriad of possibilities is unlimited to create a unique design and pattern exclusively to suit our esteemed customer’s architectural choice and taste. The retractable roofing systems is not just for swimming pools and spa but for verandas, terraces, extended courtyards and sporting arenas and much more yet! Retractable roofing systems are available in low, medium-height and high models and the maximum enclosure can reach up to 13 M, depending upon the model type. The roofing frame ranges from lean to wall, trapezoidal and curved profile in various lengths and widths.

Typical Uses

Innova Roofings & Joinery offers ALUKOV range of retractable roofing systems for:

  • Swimming pools on land terrace
  • Spas & Sun houses
  • Patio
  • Veranda
  • Courtyards
  • Terrace gardens
  • Trade fair booths
  • Parking & showcase for luxury Cars
  • Yoga centres
  • Sports facilities (easy to convert from outdoor to indoor)

Advantages Of Retractable Enclosures

  • Protects children and pets falling in to the pool
  • Protects the enclosure against rain, wind, leaves and dirt
  • Protects from harmful UV radiation
  • The enclosure can be locked completely when not in use
  • Reliable and long-lasting Aluminium profiles, Polycarbonate sheets and locking accessories.
  • Elegant finishing of joints and connecting parts
  • Clean and professional craftsmanship
  • Various profiles, thickness and colours in Polycarbonate
  • Individualised solutions and optimum model selections
  • Fewer water quality and controls and less use of chemicals in the swimming pool
  • Less water evaporation from the pools
  • Free and eco-friendly solar effect warming of water
  • Virtually constant temperature during the night
  • Extended all-season swimming possibility in hill stations
  • Rotary construction for the Spa Domes enable to change the position of the entrance.
  • Internal climate can be regulated with an air-conditioner / cooler.
  • Whole structure easily glides on the tracks provided.
  • Easy and effective assembling.
  • Time-saving and easy maintenance.
  • Comprehensive customer service, pre-sale and after-sale maintenance service

Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures

Based on the height and design of the swimming pool enclosures, Innova Roofings & Joinery offers ALUKOV range of five distinctive enclosure models such as:

  • Neo range
  • Low height range
  • Medium height range
  • High range
  • Combination height range
  • Lean to wall range

The Neo range in particular includes AIR FRESH system allowing you to regulate the flow of fresh air in to the swimming pool. It is also equipped with EASEUP – the raised locking system that allows comforting locking position, by avoiding the need to lean over.

Retractable Spa Enclosures

Innova Roofings & Joinery offers ALUKOV range of retractable Spa enclosures made of high- quality aluminium profiles available in a range of colours and filled with high quality polycarbonate that comes in one of two colours in two-distinctive patterns. The retractable Spa enclosures can also be modified to suit several other uses such as an extra outdoor room (ORLANDO POD) many of us need. The use of the pod is endless, you can create a beautiful dining area and enjoy the alfresco experience, tranquil yoga or meditation space, upbeat gym, reading room, funky playroom for children, tea room for grown-ups or us it as an enclosure for a discussion at a trade fair, showcase for premium motorbikes and cars.

  • Independent Dome patterns (Orlando, Sun House & Grand Sunhouse)
  • Semi-dome pattern (Oasis) that can be extended from a building wall.


The retractable Spa enclosures offered in independent dome pattern (Orlando) are ideal for a spa, hot tub or an exercise room and can be fitted onto a level ground base including wood decking. With a choice of doors and two model sizes (Large & Small) to choose from, it is the ideal leisure / relaxation room to complement your home. This enclosure is composed of round parts, wide doors and an exclusively designed top part.


The retractable Spa Sunhouse / Grand Sunhouse are the big sized oval version of the Orlando model that offers customers the adequate space to enjoy and relax and is large enough to accommodate a small swimming pool, a swim-spa or exercise pool. With two doors and a sliding roof top to assist with ventilation and a choice of tinted poly-carbonate, makes this pattern the ideal place to unwind and relax.


The semi-dome pattern type retractable Spa enclosure is connected to your property without you don’t have to step outside. Imagine walking from your house straight into your hot tub, spa or pool while being under cover all the time. With two doors, a sliding roof top to assist with ventilation and aluminium profiles made in a colour to match your property. The large / small sized OASIS™ retractable enclosures provides many options for our customers with its generous space and the possibilities of usage are countless.

Retractable Patio Enclosure Systems

Innova Roofings and Joinery offers ALUKOV range of retractable Patio enclosures systems (CORSO™) for homes, cafeterias, roof top restaurants, resorts, clubhouses and stadiums etc., that can be in simple extension of the property or a combination of open and retractable roofing system for the veranda, courtyard, terrace facility or a sports commentators stand in a stadium. The variable enclosure systems offer unusual diversity in terms of room / space management. The retractable enclosures can be built accessible from one side, two-sides (with a sliding option moving from left to right), three sides or from all-4 sides by suitable integration of guide rails fitted on ground and walls. The ALUKOV range of retractable Patio enclosure systems are available in distinctive framing design options (CORSO™ ENTRY / CORSO™ PREMIUM / CORSO™ HORECA / CORSO™ GLASS / CORSO™ ULTIMA / CORSO™ ULTIMA – R), premium quality aluminium framed profiles in attractive colours and the roofing and cladding parts are available in a choice of premium quality compact Polycarbonate compact sheets and in premium quality VSG and ESG Glass options.

Technical Parameters

Innova Roofings & Joinery offering of ALUKOV range of various retractable roofing enclosure systems are available in a wide range of framing models, material and dimensions as below:

  • Structural framing: Premium quality Aluminium sections in attractive shades of Silver, White, Anthracite, Antique Brown & Pine imitation wood.
  • Polycarbonate Sheets: Premium quality, both side UV protected 3,4 & 6 mm thick compact sheets, 8- and 10-mm thick twin and multiwall profiles in attractive colour shades.
  • Glass: VSG Glass 33.1 CONNEX in 6- and 8-mm thickness and ESG Glass 66.4 in 13 mm thickness.
  • Optional Inclusions: Ventilation, Pet entrance, Mosquito Net, Disabled people friendly features
  • Dimensions: A typical retractable swimming pool enclosure system can be built from a minimum width of 2.50 M up to a maximum width of 10 M and a minimum height of 0.30 M up to a maximum height of 3.00 M and a minimum length of 3.50 M up to a maximum length of 17.00 M. The dome shaped enclosures can be built in dimensions of 4.00 M to 4.89 M diameter and a height of 2.30 M to 2.70 M. The oval shaped SPA SUN HOUSE® / SPA GRAND SUNHOUSE® can be built in dimensions of 4.11 M to 5 M wide, 6.16 M to 8.00 M in length and height of 2.30 M to 2.70 M. The OASIS™ enclosures can be built from a width of 4.11 M to 5 M, a length of 4.10 M to 5.60 M from the building walls and in a height of 2.30 M to 2.70 M.