uPVC Rainwater Gutters System

uPVC Rainwater Gutters System

The roofing industry has seen great innovations over the last two to three decades and is continuously being blessed with newer technologies and product innovations that enhances the life of the structures and value of the properties. Structures of all categories whether it’s an old Madras roof terrace building, Modern day concrete buildings or Sheds with roofing sheets, rainwater harvesting is continuously propagated by Government bodies, Architects Landscape designers and roofing specialists like us. Rainwater harvesting is the most sustainable way of ground water recharge. It reduces the expectations on Government supplies and cuts down exorbitant spending on purchase of water through tanker lorries. If the families are able draw or pump good quality water for their day to day uses either partially or fully within their own piece of land, it will mean fewer number of fossil fuel operated tanker lorries plying on the roads, leading to savings on fossil fuel, less pollution and less traffic snarls and a cleaner and healthier environment. If the families are able to streamline their water dependency by administering a proper rainwater harvesting system withing their own properties, it will save huge amounts of tax payers money on Government spends on large scale water treatment and water supply projects. Savings on this account is directly beneficial to the Government and the public as the funds can be prudently invested on more important public welfare requirements such as healthcare, education and employment.

Modern construction technologies have provided several roofing options from the conventional brick and mortar-based buildings. Roofing sheets like Cement corrugated sheets, Bitumen fibre cellulose roofing sheets, Coated steel roofing sheets, Aluminium roofing sheets, PVC / uPVC roofing sheets, Polycarbonate roofing sheets, Bamboo mat corrugated roofing sheets and Insulated roofing panels are being used in domestic, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings and sheds. The pitched (sloped) roof in concrete slab or a steel / wooden framed structure with any one of the above-mentioned roofing sheets or paved with terracotta tiles require sturdy and corrosion resistant rainwater gutter system for effective implementation of rainwater harvesting system. We have seen building owners and roofing contractors implementing the rainwater harvesting system using rainwater gutters made from half cut PVC pipes or profiled from Galvalume / Galvanized sheets. Unfortunately, these systems tend to get damaged within few years of installation.

Advantages Of uPVC Gutter System

  • Co-extruded profiles in uniform thickness, colour and dimensions
  • Available in a variety of dimensional profiles
  • Made of high-quality UV resistant resins
  • Entire range of accessories available
  • The corrugated profile offers great strength
  • The special beadings on the edges provide great dimensional stability
  • Does not absorb water and stays lifetime corrosion free
  • Interlocking groove system provides 100% water-tightness.
  • Totally eliminates the joining mechanism of gutters and accessories by penetration of screws, nails and sealant as associated with conventional systems.
  • The gutters and accessories are provided with inbuilt openings for fast and easier rainwater discharge to the downpipes
  • The uPVC brackets attached with galvanized extension rod having pre-punched holes offers perfect support for placing the gutter system attached to the roofing frame
  • Aesthetically pleasing and enhances the value of the structure
  • Does not get damaged or uprooted during high velocity winds as it is backed by interlocking and great support system
  • Helps to protect the structures from water damages and leaks
  • It’s a Long-term investment, contributing towards groundwater recharge

Profiles Of uPVC Rainwater Gutter System

Innova Roofings & Joinery offers AQUASTAR uPVC rainwater gutters in four-types of dimensional profile and rainwater harvesting system including full range of accessories as below:

  • Sleek range rainwater gutters -140 mm wide
  • Delta range rainwater gutters – 160 mm wide
  • Excel range rainwater gutters– 220 mm wide
  • Maxximo range rainwater gutters– 320 mm wide
  • Rainwater harvesting system

uPVC Rainwater Gutter System & Accessories

  • Rainwater gutters: 3 M and 5 M in length
  • Runners: For connecting gutters
  • Runner drop: Suitable for fitting downpipes
  • Stop end: Acts as the end cap for gutters
  • Elbows: For directional change of gutters
  • Elbow with drop: Suitable for fitting downpipes
  • uPVC bracket with GI extension rod: Holds the gutter to roofing frame. Aesthetically more pleasing and offers more grip.
  • GI bracket: Joining accessory to take support from roofing frame
  • Leaf guard: Protects clogging of rainwater outlets
  • Rainwater Chamber
  • Underground water tank
  • Underwater Soakaway
  • Rainwater pipes
  • Pipe coupler
  • Elbow sockets (900 and 450)
  • Pipe reducers