ONDUVILLA – Bitumen Fiber Cellulose Roofing Tile

ONDUVILLA – Bitumen Fiber Cellulose Roofing Tile

Innova Roofings & Joinery offers supply of ONDUVILLA – Mediterranean styled Bitumen fiber cellulose roofing tile. It is an ideal alternative to concrete tiles, clay tiles as well as bitumen shingles. Technically ONDUVILLA roofing falls under the Bitumen roofing category however, ONDUVILLA roofing tiles are made by a patented process, mono layer technology and is composed of thermosetting resin, cellulose and is reinforced with bitumen. ONDUVILLA roofing tiles are eco- friendly, lightweight, high wind resistant (up to 314 kmph) and offer excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Thanks to the flexible nature of materials used, ONDUVILLA roofing tiles fit seamlessly with all types of diverse roof shapes and sizes. Backed by exclusive SealSmart technology, the elasticity of ONDUVILLA composite material allows it to shrink firmly around each nail, creating a permanently leak-resistant barrier.

ONDUVILLA roofing tile sheets come with complete set of roofing accessories as well as company supported water proofing warranty. They do not rust or corrode and hence is an excellent choice for coastal regions. ONDUVILLA roofing tiles are not made in India but imported from technically advanced manufacturing plants in Europe. Today ONDUVILLA roofing tiles are installed in more than 120 countries for over 75-years. ONDUVILLA roofing tiles can withstand all types of climates, from the snow and cold weather to the heat and humidity of tropical countries. Available in many colours, the natural appearance of ONDUVILLA roofing tiles blends harmoniously into the landscape. Made with recycled materials, ONDUVILLA roofing tile also respect the environment. Like all ONDULINE products, ONDUVILLA contains no asbestos.

Advantages OF ONDUVILLA Roofing Tiles

  • Asbestos-free, composed of recycled fibers
  • Use of natural pigments for coloration
  • Manufacturing process generates very low carbon footprint and low energy consumption
  • Lightweight product
  • 100% watertight roofing profile and accessories
  • Good acoustic performance; Reduces rain and external noises
  • Excellent thermal comfort; reduces temperature
  • High wind resistance (up to 314 Kmph)
  • Available in 8-attractive colours
  • Technical Characteristics Of ONDUVILLA Roofing Tiles

    • Tile Dimensions: 1070 mm x 400 mm x 3 mm thick
    • Sheet width: 950 mm
    • Wave height: 38 mm
    • Corrugation & Flats: 6 C + 5 F
    • Surface area: 1.90 Sq,m (20.45 Sft)
    • Weight of painted tile: 3.2 Kg/Sq.m
    • Weight of pigmented tile: 3 Kg/ Sq.m
    • Sheet surface area: 0.428 Sq.m (4.60 Sft)
    • Sheet cover area after overlap: 0.31 Sq.m (3.36 Sft)
    • Minimum side overlap: 1 -corrugation
    • Minimum sheet overlap: 200 mm
    • Roof pitch: >15°
    • Maximum purlin distance: 320 mm
    • End purlin distance: 270 mm
    • Maximum permissible overhang at eaves: 50 mm
    • Screws requirement: 6-nos per tile
    • Pigmented Colours: Shaded Red, Shaded Brown, Shaded Green & Black
    • Painted Colours: Terracotta 3D, Classic Red 3D, Classic Green 3D & Stone-Grey 3D

    ONDUVILLA Roofing Tile Accessories

    • Ridge (1000 mm x 470 mm)
    • Verge (1040 mm x 105 mm x 114 mm)
    • Valley (2000 mm x 430 mm)
    • Slim Cap: 1060 mm x 175 mm
    • Closure Cap: 1060 mm x 175 mm
    • Apron Piece: 1020 mm x 140 mm
    • Speedy screws in matching colour top (65 mm length)
    • Ventilated foam filler (610 mm)
    • Corrugated ventilated filer (610 mm)
    • Polycarbonate clear tile (496 mm x 400 mm)
    • Self-adhesive flashing tapes (10 M x 0.30 M)

    Typical ONDUVILLA Installations

    ONDUVILLA – bitumen fiber cellulose roofing tiles can be installed over both steel frames and wooden frames that require light-weight, eco-friendly, non-corrosive and sound and heat reducing properties. Some of the typical installations include as below:

    • Roofing for individual homes
    • Villas & beach houses
    • Penthouse & Farmhouse roofing
    • Spa & Wellness centres
    • Hotels & Resorts roofing
    • Theme parks & Food courts
    • Parking structures
    • Kids play area roof covering
    • Portico & Sunshades
    • Wooden houses roofing
    • Eco-housing roofs
    • Pyramidal & Gazebo roofing
    • Roofing for boat houses
    • Sporting arena roofs
    • Observatory house roofing
    • Roofing at site offices and executive cottages
    • Roofing for religious buildings
    • Commercial & Public-access buildings
    • Staircase & Foot Over Bridge (FOB) roof coverings
    • Terrace shed coverings
    • Roofing renovations
    • Animal shelters

    Turnkey Services For ONDUVILLA installation

    ONDUVILLA roofing tiles sheets require experienced team of designers, engineers and installers for optimum results. Innova Roofings & Joinery has the necessary expertise and experience to cater to the demanding design requirements of Architects, Consultants and Property owners. We offer turnkey services including design, fabrication of structure either in steel or in wood and supply and installation of ONDUVILLA roofing tiles as per manufacturer recommended specifications. Innova Roofings & Joinery also undertakes roofing renovations with ONDUVILLA roofing tiles, without removing previously laid roofing sheets.