Insulated Enclosures

Insulated Enclosures

Innova Roofings & Joinery offers turnkey services for design, supply and installation of insulated enclosures in a wide range of material bases and thickness range including a host of flashings and accessories. The services rendered are in the form of insulated roofing and wall panels made from sandwiching one of the following 3-foams as the core material between two facings of the metallic sheets. The three types of commonly used insulation core material are Polyurethane Rigid Foam (PUR), Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR) and Rockwool. Generally Pre-painted Galvalume sheets / Pre-Painted Galvanized sheets / Bare Galvalume sheets are used as the two-side facings. Mill finished Aluminium or Pre-painted Aluminium sheets are incorporated for the sun facing side, where a higher degree of protection against heat and corrosion is required. The thickness of the top and bottom skins of the metallic sheets, type of core insulation material and thickness of the core section will be decided based on the type of building and its intended use.

Choosing the right panel for your project

  • For general thermal insulation roofing purposes of a residential, commercial, educational, religious institutions and temporary construction site installations that may be subject to air-conditioning only at selected hours, Polyurethane Rigid Foam (PUR) based insulated roofing panels having trapezoidal profile on the sun-facing side and micro-ribbed profile on the bottom side will be ideal. The approximate thickness of the insulated panels for such jobs are 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm.
  • For industrial, healthcare and commercial buildings such as refrigerated rooms and partitions with a low positive temperature, PUF Insulated panels with micro-ribbed facings on both the faces will be used for wall and ceiling panelling. The thickness range for this category is usually between 50 mm to 120 mm.
  • For meats and sea food based cold storage industry that require temperature range of -18°, -24° & -30°, PUF Insulated panels of 80 mm to 200 mm are highly recommended. Some products can be stored safely at higher temperatures than the -30°C recommended, provided storage is only for a short period. Since it is not always possible to guarantee that a product will stay in storage no longer than originally intended, it is generally safer to use the lower recommended temperature.
  • For commercial and industrial buildings that require moderate acoustic and thermal properties and good aesthetics, insulated panels incorporating Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR) as the core material is recommended. The panel thickness range is 50 mm, 80 mm & 100 mm.
  • For commercial and industrial buildings that require a higher degree of fire resistance, acoustic insulation with sound absorption, insulated panels having rockwool as the main core will be most ideal product. The ceiling and wall panels are either micro-ribbed on both the facings or the bottom skin is provided in a perforated flat for better sound absorption. The roofing panels will have trapezoidal profile on the sun-facing side and micro-ribbed profiled on the bottom. The ideal roofing, ceiling and wall cladding panel thickness are 50 mm, 80 mm & 100 mm.
Insulated enclosures
Insulated enclosures
Insulated enclosures

Essentials of an Insulated Enclosure

Planning and constructing of an insulated enclosure involve incorporation of several technologies, manufacturing agencies, service providers, Government bodies and adhering to statutory norms. Customers can keep it simple by assigning the job with Innova Roofings & Joinery to manage all of the activities. The insulated enclosures can be created inside an existing R.C.C Roof building with masonry walls or a building that has cement sheets / metallic sheets roofing. New enclosures can be created in a combination of civil and steel structure. Innova Roofings & Joinery has necessary experience and expertise involved in the following activities to create an Insulating enclosure facility.

  • Architectural planning and approvals
  • Electrical planning, equipment’s and Government approvals
  • Refrigeration planning, equipment’s and approvals
  • R.C.C Foundation for Columns and connecting beams up to plinth level or up to lintel level
  • Civil works pertaining to masonry walls, Paved flooring, security huts and sanitary facilities
  • Floor insulation, heavy duty-flooring with food grade epoxy coatings
  • Pre-Engineered Steel frame and support structures
  • Roofing and cladding sheets, Turbo ventilators & Flashings
  • Insulated Panels, Insulated doors with required accessories.
  • Mezzanine decks & Storage systems
  • Temporary sales counters

Types Of Insulated Enclosures

Innova Roofings & Joinery welcomes jobs pertaining to any kind of Insulated Enclosure requirements. Insulated enclosures can be a cold storage, cold room or general-purpose industrial, institutional, religious and commercial facility that requires thermal and acoustic insulation. Some of the typical uses are listed below:

  • Red meat cold storage
  • Fish & Seafood cold storage
  • Poultry cold storage
  • Milk & Milk products cold storage
  • Beverages & Ice cream cold storage
  • Bakery cold storage
  • Vegetables and fruits cold storage
  • Cold storage for flowers
  • Cold rooms for medicinal storage in hospitals
  • Cold rooms for mortuary
  • Cold rooms for blood banks
  • Cold rooms for research laboratories
  • Cold rooms for stores & supermarkets
  • Portable cold rooms
  • Insulated enclosures for factories
  • Insulated enclosures for commercial buildings
  • Insulated Auditoriums for educational institutes
  • Insulated enclosures for Theatres, Broadcasting Studios etc.,
  • Insulated enclosures for Marriage halls & Conference Centres

Insulated Panel Build Modular Building Solutions

Innova Roofings & Joinery offers turnkey solutions supply and installation of modular building solution incorporating insulated foams. Our services include:

  • Insulated security cabins
  • Insulated Hygiene cabins
  • Insulated Kiosks
  • Insulated project site cabins
  • Insulated workmen quarters
  • Insulated executive accommodation
  • Insulated IT Incubation centres
  • Insulated medical testing & First-aid centres
  • Insulated Police booths
  • Insulated marketing suites
  • Insulated production plant rooms
  • Insulated guest houses
  • Insulated dining halls
  • Insulated administrative cabins
  • Insulated mobile generator rooms