Self-supported (K-Span) Roofing

Self-supported (K-Span) Roofing

Innova Roofings & Joinery offers turnkey solutions for Self-supported, truss-less roofing system (also known as K-Span system) in a wide range of Galvalume sheet thickness and attractive colours. The self-supporting, truss-less roofing systems has been widely specified and installed across India by several Government organisations such as the Indian Railways, Food Corporation Of India, Military Engineering Services, CPWD and also by leading Architects and Structural engineers across the country. The self-supported, truss-less roofing system does not require conventional steel frames (trusses and purlins) on which the roofing sheets are installed using SDST Screws.

Design & Installation Process:

Innova Roofings & Joinery will preliminarily offer tentative costing based on design analysis such as, building span, centre-arch height, live load, wind load, dead loads and most importantly the corrosive nature of the site where the facility is intended. The data arrived from design analysis plays a key role in determining the thickness of the steel roofing sheet and arch-reactions at beam levels. Innova Roofings & Joinery will provide the conceptual design drawing of the gutter beams (concrete / steel) to the customer. The arch-reaction data is then incorporated by the customer’s Structural consultant in designing appropriate foundation, footings, columns and beams. The customer then proceeds with the construction of the structure either in R.C.C or in Steel.

Once the site is ready with the supportive structure, Innova Roofings & Joinery will inspect the site and arrange transportation of required coils and mobile panel forming machinery, crane and seaming equipment tolls and tackles. The raw material (High-grade, structural grade, Galvalume Coils) will be fed in to the mobile coil forming machine, which delivers required length and curve deflections in interlocking profiles. The profiled curve will be then hoisted by cranes and installed by fastening with Galvanized or SS Anchor bolts on the supportive concrete or fabricated steel beams running along the eaves.

The self-supportive, truss-less roofing system can be incorporated with hangers at the time of profile forming to take support for cable tray ducts, false ceilings & light fixtures.

Self-supported (K-Span) Roofing
Self-supported (K-Span) Roofing

Technical Parameters:

  • Clear Span: Minimum 6 M. Maximum up to 36 M.
  • Base Material: Cold Rolled structural quality steel in coil form.
  • Coil Steel Grade: 280 to 350 Mpa (Yield Strength)
  • Coil Type: Pre-painted Galvalume / Bare Galvalume
  • Coating Mass: AZ 150 GSM
  • Minimum Coil Thickness: 1 mm TCT
  • Higher Coil Thickness: Up to 1.60 mm TCT
  • Coil Paint Type: Regular Modified Polyester (RMP).

Typical Installations:

  • Aircraft Hangers & Defense Structures
  • Agro Industries & Dairy Processing Units
  • Auditoriums & Community Halls
  • Engineering Process Industries
  • FMCG distribution Centres
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Manufacturing & Assembling Units
  • Newsprint & Publishing Houses
  • Plastics & Packaging Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Sports arena & Parking Structures
  • Textile Factories
  • Warehouses & Container Terminals


  • On-site Manufacturing: The profile forming is done at site allowing greater level of transparency on the type of Galvalume coils used for the project and accurate curve forming.
  • Ease Of Construction: The system can be installed over R.C.C structure (or) framed steel structure pinned down to a gutter beam provision on the eaves.
  • Speed Of Construction: Up to 1000 Sq.m of roofing area can be completed within 8 to 10 hours.
  • Optimum Space Utilization: The self-supporting system eliminates, truss, purlins and any intermediate supports. This unique design concept allows for larger enclosed volumes, free movement, effective handling of goods and higher flexibility in space utilization.
  • 100% Leak Proof: The individual panels are connected with auto-seaming, eliminating the use of screws, bolts and nuts. This ensures 100% leak-proof design. However, it is advisable to keep the side and valley gutters free from clogging, to avoid rain water overflow.
  • Design Possibilities: The self-supporting, truss-less system can be incorporated in a variety of geometrical designs such as ; full arch, half arch, differential heights, ground-to ground, elevated, perpendicular, varied arch heights and 4-sides open.
  • Hygienic Buildings: No bird nuisance and hence ensures more cleaner and hygienic buildings. Bold & Beautiful: The self-supporting, arch-type roofing systems are available in vibrant colors. The overall design concept is very unique, aesthetically pleasing and plays a significant role in improving the work environment.
Self-supported (K-Span) Roofing
Self-supported (K-Span) Roofing
Self-supported (K-Span) Roofing